Whether clients need higher humidity for fur storage, extra cooling for wine cellars, or air purification for health reasons or to preserve a fine art collection, Breeze Air Conditioning can create just the right environment.

Carrier is a global leader of indoor comfort solutions, and it is a top priority for us to make sure you’re living every day in a healthy environment! Inside is where we work; it’s where we play, where we sleep, and where we live. That’s why Carrier aims to make the inside air just as clean and as refreshing as the outside air.

These home comfort systems also remove and reduce airborne particulates, as well as, disinfecting the air in your home and lowering the concentration of mold, viruses, odors, and bacteria.

With Carrier systems, Breeze can customize the air in your home to create a pure, clean, comfortable environment. An environment that is virtually free of potentially harmful contaminants, a minimal amount of dust, dirt and odors with proper humidity, air distribution and temperature control.

With our Carrier units, you can have better comfort and better control and efficiency.